Chamber Music

Antonin Dvorak  THCD-49 Antonin Dvorak  Dvorak
Karl Ulrich Schnabel
Joan Rowland
One piano, four hands. Music of an intensely pastoral and nationalistic flavor, these are among the most romantic and folk inspired pieces ever composed. The feeling of an enchanted atmosphere is present at all times in this music. The Duo Schnabel generates just the right feeling of dance throughout.
Cantares  THCD-44 Cantares
Gregg Nestor, guitar
Anna Bartos, voice
A stunning collection of Spanish and Latin American songs spanning five centuries. Includes the haunting "Porque es, dama, tanto quereros?" by Diego Pisador, and other works by 16th-century composers, "Estrellita" and "Seis poemas arcaicos" by Manuel Ponce, and two elegant Columbian folksongs arranged by Miguel Sandoval. The recording also contains three rare gems: the Spanish cantata: "No se emendera jamas" by Handel, seven Catalonian folksongs arranged by Roberto Gerhard, and Salvador Moreno's "Cuatro Canciones Aztecas," sung in the Aztec language.
Continental Flavors  THCD-54 Continental Flavors
Clayton Haslop, violin
Jack Sanders, guitar
A very pleasing and substantial collection of music for violin and guitar, including Astor Piazzola's Histoire du Tango, a stunning example of the Argentinian "New Tango". Haslop and Sanders are a beautifully integrated duo who perform together all the time, with the finest ensemble and blend.
Encounter Near Venus  THCD-17 Encounter Near Venus  Russell
Shelly Manne
Larry Bunker
Victor Feldman
Colin Bailey
Wally Snow
Shelly Manne, Larry Bunker, Victor Feldman, Colin Bailey and Wally Snow, well-known jazz musicians, are the remarkable percussionists on this recording.
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A recital of upbeat American music.
Piano Duo Schnabel: Mozart/Schubert  THCD-41 Piano Duo Schnabel: Mozart/Schubert
Karl Ulrich Schnabel
Joan Rowland
Mozart Sonata in F Major (K. 497); Schubert Divertissement (Sonata in E minor) on original French themes (D. 823); Schubert Eight Variations on a theme from Herold's opera, "Marie" (D. 908)
Reflexions de France  THCD-38 Reflexions de France
Claudine Carlson, mezzo-soprano
Robert Hunter, piano
Claudine Carlson brings her rich and colorful voice to this varied collection of French songs. The Ravel song cycle about animals is unique in the literature, evocative and humorous. The lighter material contains beloved Parisian cabaret songs, in addition to music by Poulenc and others.
Schubert  THCD-50 Schubert  Schubert
Abba Bogin, piano
Masako Yanagita, violin/viola
Schubert Bi-centennial
This is the 1983 debut album of Joan Rowland and Karl Ulrich Schnabel as Duo Schnabel. Schubert's Grand Duo is a towering masterpiece for one piano, four hands. The work has the proportions and the quality of a major symphony. It is surely no less important than any of Schubert's symphonies, and the Duo Schnabel performs the piece in this recording with an orchestral approach, without sacrificing the pianistic sonorities. The Variations in B flat are light-hearted, charming, and brilliantly conceived for the piano.
Sonata Boogie  THCD-52 Sonata Boogie  Steinhardt
Victor Steinhardt, piano
Mary Elizabeth Parker, piano
The Song Recital  THCD-55 The Song Recital
Douglas Webster, baritone
Having been booked in over one hundred cities for the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 seasons, Douglas Webster and Lincoln Mayorga are proving that the song recital is alive and well in America.