The Philosophy of Permanence

TownHall Records is an American company dedicated to the preservation of important artistic endeavors in diverse musical areas, regardless of commercial consideration. Lincoln Mayorga, pianist, composer, and artistic director for TownHall, has been a prominent performing musician and recording producer for three decades. Having observed the short-sightedness of the recording industry, with artistic decisions based on corporate insecurity, and the subsequent abandonment of musical and historical responsibility, he came to the conclusion that a cooperative organization of recording artists could develop a permanent catalogue of worthwhile music, answering the needs of music lovers, educators, students, and the discriminating record collector who considers a recording to be the means of preserving musical history.

Since 1964, TownHall has produced recordings of exceptional musical and technical quality, including several first recordings of important nineteenth and twentieth century music. The catalogue has recently expanded to include jazz, historical reissues, avant garde music, and lighter music which is outside the rigid category definitions of the mainstream.

TownHall is dedicated to the concept that recordings should preserve permanently the important musical art of our time.